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Microflex Diamond Grip Latex Gloves

Microflex is a top-quality cream Grip Diamond that is enticing for use with latex gloves, these gloves are fantastic for analyzing Diamond products or gloves that will be incubated in the lab. The high-quality materials and workmanship make these gloves a first-class value for the customer, order your Microflex Diamond Grip latex gloves now and get your free mat.

Microflex Diamond Grip Exam Latex Gloves

Our Microflex Diamond Grip latex gloves are great for an exam latex set, they are made of 100% breathable cotton and have a medium case. They are offers a standard coating for a protection against bacteria, dust and other debris, the gloves have a small hole in the back for a card readers readability. The Microflex Diamond Grip latex gloves are top-rated solution for individuals who itch for high-quality gloves that fit all needs, this type of gloves come in size large, and each box of 100 ea of gloves will fit 10-12 people. The gloves will last for many years as long as people use their gloves closely and keep them clean, people can use the gloves easily and have a sterling experience. These Microflex Diamond Grip latex gloves are practical surrogate to protect yourself from dangers such as light and noise, they have a powder-free Grip that makes it easier to use, and are 100% latex. These gloves have a size medium fit for both men and women, enjoy your exam without having to worry about getting any sort of food on your skin! These gloves are made with a Diamond Grip technology that provides a comfortable, durable Grip for use your Diamond head tool. The gloves are also made with an 100% breathable latex fabric that will keep your hands warm and comfortable, these gloves also have a quick release button and a little hole in the bottom for taking draws with your tools.